Kids in Sarasota

Nice Photo by Irv Lesser, Sarasota

Sarasota Bay

Sarasota Bay From Selby Gardens

Photo by Gayle Maxey

Dunfermline, Scotland























Click below for more photos about Dunfermline.

Perpignan, France

Our Sister City Perpignan is a lovely city in the south of France with great outdoor sculpture and art.

Craig Hullinger and Beth Ruyle Hullinger met with Nicolas Berthet. Nicolas works for the City Tourism Agency of Perpignan .

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International Photo Day Contest

International Photo Day Contest

"A Day Together"

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sarasota, USA ~ Vladimir, Russia

Vladimir has 20 sister cities in 12 countries all around the world. Our mutual cooperation is about being real friends, so let us start small and tell each other about ourselves using photographs.

We are sure that this International Photo Day project will take us all a step forward in our cooperation. As we say in Russia: “It is better to see once than to hear a hundred times.” Well, let us show each other how we look!

Everyone is welcome to this project: amateurs and professional photographers! We do hope that you'll find it interesting to take a camera, capture a special scene, and email the photos to us. And you'll have just one day for doing it – July 13, 2012

In keeping with the natural rhythm of the day, we suggest our sister cities (from East to West) use their appointed hours for photographing.


There should be images of people in the photos

Photos have to express the rhythm of the city, to show some scenes of daily living in the city and of its citizens

Submit photographs in raw image format 

Each photographer should submit not less than 5 photos

Attach a one-page document that includes the name of the photographer (you), the name of your city, the time each photo was taken, and some descriptive words about each image.

Please email your submissions to: and copy to

Deadline is July 19, 2012

All photos chosen by the contest committee will be published in a special edition of our Vladimir city magazine, “The Mirror,” this August 2012. Each artist will receive this edition as a gift. This September, we will exhibit all the submitted photographs during our Annual “City Days” Celebration, attended by our sister city delegations. 

Organized by International department, Vladimir City Administration. 


Memorial Day Parade

The Yahoo's distributed approximately 1,000 boxes for people to send packages to our troops in Afghanistan. A good time was had by all.

International Rowing in Sarasota

The Nathan Benderson Park is an ambitious effort by Sarasota County to create a world class rowing facility. The expansive park is currently under development. A number of events have already been successfully conducted.
It is expected to be a major attraction to the region.
Click for the video. 

Fairwell Party

The farewell party for Kelly Fairbairn, Matthew Walton and Teacher Elspeth McDonald was held in the FST Cabaret Theater on last Monday.

The Haggis – himself

Playwrights & Actors – Matthew, Kelly, The Haggis and the FST performers

The Playwrights – Kelly & Matthew

 The Interview – Elspeth McDonald St. Columba’s High School Teacher; Kelly, Matthew, Beth Duda, FST Director of Education, and Adam Ratner, FST Young Playwrights Festival Coordinator.

Photos by Gayle Maxey

Visitors From Our Sister City Hamilton, Ontario

These 3 ladies came from Westfield Heritage Village of our Sister City Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for a presentation at Historic Spanish point.(February 2011). They are from left to right: Janet Knowles, Margaret Firth and Mamie McCormack. The 3 individual photos were taken at HSP during a maple syrup demonstration. They represented the various methods of collecting the syrup in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.
Gloria Grenier

Mayor Suzanne Atwell

Mayor Suzanne Atwell was voted by the city commission to serve another year as mayor and Willie Shaw is the new Vice Mayor. The mayoral selection was preceded by the annual State of the City address.

For those who would like to pass on congratulations, you can contact her at 

Visit Sarasota County

The Sarasota Convention and Visitors Bureau has changed its name to Visit Sarasota County. Officials said the new corporate name would make it easier to find visitor information and would reduce confusion about the organizations purpose, as well as the fact the organization serves all of Sarasota County. The change should improve presence in online searches and social networking.